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Julie Alexander, CSP
Employee Engagement Expert

  • Could your team use more great days on and off the job?
  • Is your team focused on getting a paycheck or getting results?
  • Are your people caught up in conflict and workplace drama?
  • Is your staff suffering from apathy, negativity, and low morale?
  • Are your people stressed, discouraged, overwhelmed?
  • Is your team challenged by change?
  • As a leader, are you having more bad days than good?
  • We can help you
    take your team from
    OK” toAwesome”!

Listen to Julie Alexander
Speak about Workplace Frustration

Audience EngagementAudience Engagement
A great team – Texoma Health FoundationA great team – Texoma Health Foundation
Audience involvement Multi-Chem, a Halliburton ServiceAudience involvement Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service
Case Managers Society of America Conference – Triangle, NCCase Managers Society of America Conference – Triangle, NC
• Julie Alexander Winning Teams• Julie Alexander Winning Teams

This is What We’re All About…

  • Accountability
    Great team members are accountable; they accept responsibility for their attitudes, behaviors, and performance.
  • Collaboration
    No one succeeds alone. An organization is only as good as the ability of its team to work together to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Engagement
    When the entire team is plugged-in, committed to the organization, enthusiastic about being part of the team, willing to do their best and to assist colleagues in accomplishing desired results, great things happen.

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